In the bleak midwinter - Jamie W. Hall

Duration: 4'30"
Ensemble: 2 equal voices piano
Grading: Medium
CMP216 Full score £3.00
CMP216A Choral score £1.50

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This setting of famous verse by Christina Rossetti is based on a single simple theme which then goes through a series of variations, making it ideally suited to choirs who want a contemporary flavour in their Christmas repertoire but don't have endless learning time.

The two equal parts, which may be sung by either children or ladies, are underpinned by an atmospheric piano accompaniment which invokes the winter wind, the flurrying snow, the icy cold.

Whilst this is an entirely new treatment of the poem, the composer couldn't resist a small nod to the famous and beloved setting by Harold Darke... see if you can spot it.

This piece is available as a full score, with the piano and voice parts, and a choral score, which has no accompaniment. You will need at least one full score to perform this piece.